Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Ok, I've been saying that I need a new sewing machine for a while now. But if the one I have now doesn't shape up...I am just going to heave it out the window! Every once in a while (never while I am in sewing class, so that the teacher could tell me what I'm doing wrong, I might add!) it decides it wants to drive me crazy. Right now I am in the middle of making a cute little cordouroy jumper for my friend's daughter. I am trying to sew the facing to the front part of the jumper and my machine just throws up thread on the inderside of the garment! So FREAKING FRUSTRATING!!!!

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Rachel Shoemaker said...

I had this happen when I first started sewing... There could be a couple of reasons.

1. Your bobbin is in upside down or backwards (depending on if it is toploading or front loading)

2. If you have recently sewn with interfacing it can make your needle sticky and cause issues.

3. If your thread is over 5 years old it can cause breaking issues

I hope that helps :)